How to activate AKO Natural Yeast 

How to activate yeast

Double the amount of lukewarm water from the amount of Yeast in a clean pot. ※It should be 40℃.

① Prepare a clean container with warm water of about 35°C to 40°C (temperature varies according to the season). 

     The amount of water should be twice the amount of the yeast.

Stir the Yeast with a whisk and make sure to keep doing it following a single direction to avoid lumps.

② Stir in the powdered yeast with a whisk in one direction.

When it looks smooth , leave the pot in a warm temperature around 30℃ approximately 24hours to 30 hours.

③ After stirring well to dissolve lumps, keep the mixture at around 30°C. 

Leave it for around 24 hours .

Leave a small air way somewhere on the surface of the pot itself or just lightly put the cover since the Yeast requires some air. Otherwise, the yeast get weak and could produce a sour taste .

④ After the above time has elapsed, the yeast is ready when it has completely dissolved, is smooth and silky, and when sampled, 

    tastes of strong sake. 

Important Notes

 Do not keep the activated liquid yeast in an airtight container. The lack of oxygen will decrease the fermentation power of the yeast, and in some cases, a sour taste may develop. The activated liquid yeast can be stored in the refrigerator ( 4°C to 10°C) in a container with a loose lid for about 10 days. 

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