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Bread is a fermented food. We believe that the umami created by the natural brewing of yeast and the natural goodness of the main ingredient, wheat flour, is what makes bread a well-loved staple we will never tire of. 

    Classic bread loaf, rounded top (AKO Bread) The Recipe written as a Baker's Percentage 

Strong Flour 100%
AKO Natural cultured yeast strong type
(liquid yeast)
Water 60%※

※Regulate the amount of water by flour you use.

MIXING(using a machine)

Pour all ingredients into the vertical mixer and set to L (low speed) for 1 minute, followed by ML (medium low speed) for 3 to 4 minutes*. Make sure to match the amount of dough to the appropriate sized mixing bowl.  If the amount of dough is too small for the bowl, the dough ball will simply roll around and the gluten will fail to stretch. Over-mixing the dough will ruin the flour’s natural flavor. * Adjust according to the mixer.


As a general rule, this is an overnight fermentation. Letting the dough ferment overnight allows the gluten to develop a better web for easier dough workability and structure. More time also allows for more complex flavor compounds to develop and stabilize.


Sweet breads that contain 15 to 20% sugar have a higher specific gravity (or relative density) which slows down fermentation. Setting the fermentation temperature 4 to 5°C higher is recommended.

 Fermentation Method (1)

When using a commercial proofer, set the kneading temperature to 20°C to 22°C. Let the dough ferment for 12 to 16 hours (set the temperature to 20°C to 22°C).

  Fermentation Method (2)

When using a fermentation insulation box (e.g. styrofoam, cooler box), adjust the kneading temperature between 20°C and 24°C and let the dough ferment for 12 to 16 hours. *This may vary slightly depending on the season.

  In either case, a slightly over-fermented state is preferred. 

Dividing and Rolling 

The key is to roll the dough lightly and handle it as gently as you would a piece of delicate fabric, and, as much as possible, avoid the release of the trapped gasses. Roll into balls of 400 grams each. (* You can adjust the size of the dough pieces with the pan you have got.)

Bench time

Allow the dough to relax and spread for 40 to 60 minutes in a 30°C to 32°C commercial proofer, or 90 to 120 minutes if left at room temperature of 20°C. The length of the bench rest varies depending on the conditions of the first fermentation. This is only a guideline. 

Moulding ☆Dough moulder can be used.

Thoroughly release the gas from the dough. The mould for this bread should be as narrow and as tall as possible in order for the bread to stretch and spread better in the baking process.  *After releasing the gas, be careful not to tighten too much when rolling  the dough out or risk cutting the surface of the dough. 


The maximum temperature for proofing the dough is 32°C. Any higher than that and the yeast will be stressed. High temperatures do more harm than good. The timing of when the dough should be pulled out from the commercial proofer depends on the size of the mould and the amount of dough, but generally, the dough can be transferred to oven when the top of the dough reaches about 70 - 80% the height of the mould.


Ideally, for this type of bread, set the upper heating element to 160°C to encourage the bread’s elongation. Bake for around 40 minutes in low heat until the bread turns golden brown. 

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