AKO Natural Cultured Yeast  :  Even better when consumed on the second day!

Master Akira Hoshino(Left)       Yasuhiro Kondo(Right)

 Techniques handed down from the pioneer to the sole apprentice.

AKO Natural Yeast founder, Yasuhiro Kondo, apprenticed as a natural yeast craftsman for 25 years as the sole apprentice of Master Akira Hoshino, pioneer of natural yeast in Japan and founder of Hoshino Yeast. He also learned traditional Japanese brewing techniques. With over 50 years of experience in natural yeast production, Yasuhiro Kondo has zealously cultivated AKO's natural yeast.

 Never being tired of it.

AKO Natural Yeast is characterized by stable fermentation power, and a clean, refreshing taste. Contrary to the conventional image of bread made from natural yeast (i.e. too tough, sour, unpleasant), bread made with AKO Natural Yeast is so soft and fluffy, it can be enjoyed every day without ever being tired of it. 

AKO Natural Yeast is made from carefully processed top quality flour and low pesticide rice from Shiga Prefecture. We use mild water that has been filtered for impurities but with the minerals   retained. Beyond our commitment to the most up to date food safety requirements, AKO Natural Yeast is cultivated with 100% grain and water and does not use any additives.                                          Master Akira Hoshino                  Yasuhiro Kondo                                                                                 

AKO Natural Yeast bread is “fermented bread” Hakkou Bread.

We are proud to have perfected a natural yeast that fully brings out the umami of amino acids formed by enzymes without compromising the wholesome flavor of wheat flour.

Fermented foods such as miso, soy sauce, and sake, are the products of brewing techniques unique to Japan. These world renowned techniques date back to ancient times and have been handed down for generations. Essentially, koji mold enzymes break down soybean and wheat proteins to form amino acids, succinic acid and other flavor compounds that are the building blocks of umami.

 Multiple parallel fermentation” is AKO Natural Yeasts most important feature and what sets it apart from other yeasts.

 The role of enzymes

 Enzymes break down starch to produce sugar, which becomes the medium (food) for the yeast culture. Proteins are also decomposed to produce umami components such as amino acids and succinic acid.

 The role of yeast

When alcohol and carbon dioxide are generated, the gluten network expands and gives the bread its volume.

 AKO Natural Yeast does more than just make bread rise. It also generates umami, the fifth taste. Due to the action of the yeast and koji, the bread tastes even better with the aging process. Freshly baked bread is delicious but it is even better when consumed on the second day.

There are two kinds of AKO natural yeast you can use depending on what you would like to bake. 

AKO Natural Yeast  :  Characteristics

Strong type 

Strong type of yeast

The resulting bread is soft and fluffy and has a deep fermented flavor. This yeast does not have a peculiar taste, so it complements any bread filling and is suitable for sweet breads, almighty rolls, and other types of breads. The high enzyme content slows the aging process of the bread and prevents it                                                                        from getting stale. It is best used for                                                                        fluffy breads such as a sandwich loaf.

Light type

Light type of yeast

The saltiness alone brings out the full flavor of the flour, and the resulting crust is crisp and fragrant, perfect for hard breads such as French baguette and Pain de campagne. The yeast’s fermentation scent is more subdued and the amino acid formation is also more restrained. As such, the Light Type enhances the natural flavors of the flour, the raw material of the bread. It is best used for hard breads such       as baguettes, German breads.

AKO Natural Yeast needs to be activated before use. Have a look through the instruction of how to activate AKO Natural Cultured Yeast.  Click here!

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