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KASHIHARU◆  Abegawa city, Shizuoka Prefecture

KASHIHARU was founded in 1932.  They currently have nine shops, where they provide their Japanese-style sweets and Western-style sweets.
One of their shops which is in Abegawa has also started baking and selling their own bread made with AKO Natural Cultured yeast.
The moment you step in, you will think whether it is a wonderland of delicious things or not ! ?  You would be amazed. Lots of sweets welcome you.

President Noritsuki, who was imagining and planning a new business, which was introducing bread ,participated in baking industries exhibition held in Tokyo for the preparations.
At first,he met and knew Ako Natural Cultured Yeast.
After that he immediately took the next action. He sent three staff of him to us as trainees to learn how to use AKO Natural Cultured Yeast.

Initially, they had planned to provide a fluffy and sweet bread containing lots cream and butter. Throughout their experiences with us, they changed their plan that they would be better to have two different types of bread, a fluffy one and a simple and pure one.
They realized it is worth to cherish the pure flavour and taste of the flour itself  for that is made with only flour, sugar and salt apart from AKO
Natural Cultred Yeast. That is all the bread require. 

↑ There are eat-in seats and terrace seats available. You can enjoy your sweets and bread having a free cup of tea as you would like.  

ANPAN , contains some special ingredient in it, which is their specialty,    the red bean paste.

At that spring time, their bread were introduced on three TV programs that generated a lot of buzz.  Many customers have come over for their bread and now still frequent customers come. Interestingly, frequent customers buy some bread as souvenirs like sweets, cookies, etc. Then, those who received it as souvenirs will become their new frequent customer !
Could you imagine what is going on with their customers at other stores that do not sell bread yet?  They demand for bread that is increasing day by day.
As the demand increases, the next action that President Noritsuki will take is Koppepan.

"AKO Natural Cultured Yeast, which can give ingredients and creates umami, shows us the differences in a taste of the dough that contains even a high percentage of butter, cream, etc. I would like to propose products that combines the dough with fillings, which is made with the idea of confectionery. That is just fun to do new things!  " 

【Basic Information】

■Address : 1-16-10 Higashi-Nitta, Suruga-ku, Shizuoka 


Business Hours : 10:00 am -18:00 pm   Everyday open

A 15-minute walk from Exit 2 of Abegawa Station on the JR Tokaido
  Main Line.

■Website: http://kashiharu.com/

■Remarks:There are 15 parking slots available.