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   ◆LEVRE and BON       Ueda City,Nagano prefecture

Nagano prefecture is a historically important city as it is the birth place of Yukimura Sanada ,who was a samurai from the Sengoku period.

LEVRE and BON is located in the center of Ueda city and is a complex store that sells breads and cakes.

The owner, Mr,Yuya Furuta,used to work for a confectionery company before he launched his own store.

At that time, he was thinking vaguely about having his own bakery and so he started collecting information for that.

One day,he was introduced to our products " AKO Natural Cultured Yeast" by a flour milling company.

He actually came and visited our company and got shocked with the taste of our distinct loaf bread.

Not long after,He decided to leave a confectionery company and then started joining us as a trainee.He had a passion and was enthusiastic to learn the method of baking with AKO Natural Cultured Yeast.

On the first of August,2015,LEVRE and BON finally opened.The confectionery section is in charge of his brother-in-law. His mother and sister work with him as clerks, as well as making sandwiches,which is popular. Moreover,his father also supports him sometimes at the same time working at a company.

There are 2 more staff working for him.

   " I  get lots of compliment about the loaf bread and croissant." ,He says.

There are 40 to 50 kinds of bread items in the shelf.By the time the door opens in the morning, all the bread come out from the oven in sequential order.The average check is over 1000yen that is obviously surprising.

Many frequent customer come up for their favourite breads.Some of them say, "we no longer need to go to Tokyo for breads thanks to LEVRE and BON.used to go to Tokyo for breads." 

The others say," Never have I ever eaten such kind of bread...amazingly delisious." "I wonder your breads has something new to me..just great."

Mr.Furuta makes bread with full of gratitude. 

3 years after his launching, he still looks bright.

" It looks like I have gradually established my own style on baking and create something new and inspiring to our customer,but meanwhile,I cherish the basic of AKO baking method and its policy."  

You can enjoy your bread lunch at the table outside seeing greens and mountains. 

【Basic Information】

■Address : 281-20 Kanbatake  Ueda city, Nagano Prefecture

                 386-1103, Japan


Business Hours :  9 a.m. - 19:00 p.m.

■Closing Dates : Mondays and the first & the third Tuesdays. 

■12 minute walk from Terashita Station on the Ueda Dentetsu Bessho     Line 

*Parking available for 6 cars.

*Eat in available.

■website: https://www.l-and-b.jp/